Go To College Fairs - College Fair Planning, Scanning and Student Resources

It’s free. No really, it’s free.

A comprehensive platform for end-to-end management of college fairs.


Create events from a template, an excel spreadsheet, a previous project, or from scratch. Add participants, sub-events, and resources. Link them all together quickly and easily.


Easily include anyone in a project who will contribute to the success of your fairs. Schedule reminders, specify how and when notifications are sent, and communicate in real-time on all of your devices.


Assign, track and update every planning activity in your event on your own or with the help of team members to whom you assign different roles. Maintain real-time visibility and control of your programs from your office, at your venue or anywhere in between.


FairPlanner brings fair scheduling, management, resource tracking, document sharing, messaging, and much more together in a single tool that is specifically designed for a college fair’s workflow.


College fairs don’t happen in an office. Give everyone on your team the ability to stay connected and manage their tasks from any location on a desktop or mobile browser or the FairPlanner mobile app.


Gain unprecedented insight into the fair workflow to optimize resource utilization, manage costs, and coordinate staff and volunteer assignments.

This feature is not for parents or students attending a college fair.

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